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Optimizing the
Voice Revenue Opportunities

Many Mobile Operators are looking into the opportunities within the voice market. While revenues are decreasing, the Voice market pressures are expected to resist, notably due to changing user habits.

In general, Mobile ARPU is expected to continue decreasing as data becomes the most in-demand cellular service. With OTT penetration increasing, users prefer using data-driven communication channels, especially for international calls. Moreover, customer habits are further changing with mobile app penetration and usage increasing. The same can be said about mobile browsing, increasing at a high rate amongst users.

Juniper Research identified three interesting areas for the voice market in terms of how operators can bring life back to their Voice channels:

  • The growth of Flash Calling traffic – Currently, most MNOs do not identify flash calls, while they can even be charged with a premium for certain verticals.
  • Contact Center As A Service (CCaaS) – Capitalise on selling voice traffic to CCaaS platforms via wholesale agreements
  • Programable Voice – As the need for voice APIs increases, MNOs take a proportion of the revenue generated by each API call.

Due to the decline in mobile voice revenue, mobile operators must configure new revenue opportunities to ensure the success of their mobile voice services.

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