A2P Voice Monetization

As enterprises look for more cost-effective and secure verification alternatives to SMS, OTT companies have launched flash call (A2P Voice) authentification and are already backed by large aggregators.

What is there not to like? With lower costs compared to SMS, improved customer experience & security, flash calls provide MNOs the chance to leverage a new revenue stream. While operators currently do not have the technological capabilities to have full control over flash calls, our VOX 360 solution provides the ability to fully monetize it, over the entire journey.

VOICE Monetization

A2P Voice Monetization

A2P Voice & the need for MNO preparedness

The rise of the A2P Voice segment is mainly powered by the enterprise world, constantly looking for new ways for customer verification, especially. Recent history saw the birth of flash calls (A2P Voice), a new move powered by OTT players such as WhatsApp and Telegram, using missed calls as a means of 2FA. With significantly lower costs and high ease of use for customers, flash calls are expected to take the world by storm, already gaining momentum in some regions.


With OTT players and enterprise players ready, MNOs remain the remaining players in the chain to prepare for capitalizing on the flash call trend. With aggregators’ termination cost are currently zero for missed calls, MNOs have limited clarity of it within their network and do not currently posses a platform capable to gain full visibility, control and bill flash calls. As a result, most MNOs either completely block them, or do not posses knowledge of their occurrence, therefore not monetizing flash calls even if they are allowed in the network.

VOICE Monetization

A2P Voice Monetization

Monetize Flash Calls

VOX 360 as a Managed Service, drives immediate revenue increase by actively monitoring in-out flows, using traffic admission policies, limiting unauthorized service use, while boosting security, compliance, and cost reduction efforts through up-to-date systems, using cutting-edge proprietary AI technologies, industry best practices, and methodologies and dedicated personnel with extensive experience in A2P fraud detection/prevention and monetization.

The issue so far was the lack of a seamless solution for MNOs for allowing to totally control the Flash Calling environment, allowing operators to define related trunks and an associated A2P rate, all whilst rejecting calls coming from other (P2P) trunks. At VOX Carrier, we have the solution for the problem, allowing MNOs from now on to monetize flash calls, by:

  • Protect A2P SMS and Voice business segments by actively detecting flash calls.
  • Identifying the difference between P2P vs. A2P activity within the network
  • Creating a monetizable channel for flash calls
  • Enabling the entire journey for flash call monetization, from detection, to pricing, billing, grey route mitigation and complete monetization.

All in all, we allow MNOs to control every aspect in the movement, incl. price. For example, one could price Flash Calls marginally below SMS, bringing perhaps 2FA capabilities to an audience that could previously not afford it, therefore actually actually EXPANDING the 2FA market.

VOICE Monetization

VOX Solutions Whitepaper

Whitepaper on How to Monetize Voice

Download the free whitepaper released together with the Juniper Research team about how the new generation tehcnology is helping to monetize leacking revenues and how Vox 360 Solution could help increase the MNOs revenues. Free Download Here

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