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Safeguard sensitive customer information and drive up your revenues at the same time. Our award-winning VOX360 managed solution protect your network from fraudulent routing and illicit bypass attempts. Ensure all A2P messages are delivered and monetized effectively.

A2P Sms Monetization

SMS A2P Monetization

A2P SMS volumes continue to increase globally

Make the most of this growth surge with our sophisticated anti-fraud tools and intelligent firewall management solution. Vox Carrier’s expertly-developed proprietary technology guarantees results from the start. We return network control to MNOs through our powerful tools like Traffic Control Complete oversight. This ensures sustainability of your A2P SMS business segment as you can extract revenue from your customer base.

Our class-leading Grey Route Analysis features always-on capabilities, ensuring that your important content terminates exactly where you need it to.

Regulatory Support is a critical differentiator between A2P and P2P SMS streams. You can meet crucial compliance metrics with our proactive Business Intelligence Data analysis of live A2P SMS feeds. Our powerful systems cover traffic to and from all over the globe.

A2p bypass

SMS A2P Monetization

Ensure Monetization

Stamp out revenue leakage by using our intelligent systems to diagnose network weaknesses that expose you to traffic bypass activity.

SMS A2P Monetization

SMS A2P Monetization

Reduce Customer Churn

Keep your customers happy by ensuring a positive service engagement free of delivery issues, SIM farm bypass, and manipulated text content.

We’ll give you back full control of your network by diagnosing and eradicating weak spots that expose you to fraudulent attacks. With us, you can secure your customer A2P SMS traffic and benefit from increased monetization options within a stable network.

Sms grey routes

SMS A2P Firewall Solution

Vox360 Technology Platform

VOX 360 as a Managed Service, instantly enables large and immediate ROI by actively monitoring in-out flows, using traffic admission policies, limiting unauthorized service use, while boosting security, compliance, and cost reduction efforts through up-to-date systems, using cutting-edge proprietary AI technologies, industry best practices, and methodologies and dedicated personnel with extensive experience in fraud detection/prevention and monetization. Learn more about our technology solution on our dedicated website.

Sms grey routes

Vox360 Technology Platform

The VOX Customer Journey

  1. Establish a partnership Solution Implementation

    This entails a free network assessment & market analysis, defining a customized commercial model, and defining high-level solution deployment.

  2. Solution Implementation

    Signoff detailed technical deployment, is followed by deployment of the VOX solution including VOX analytics & reporting; configuring the VOX AI engine with as much data as possible (2-4 weeks of traffic learning); apply to filter & protect network; sign-off testing; go live; handover to operation and activate billing.

  3. Operation & Support

    This involves 24/7 Monitoring, traffic management; rules management & update; block fraudulent traffic; and incident management. For every client we dedicate a NOC & Fraud Protection Team that performs Systems monitoring, trac monitoring and alarms handling, Management of Firewall, spot fraud & update rules, filters, and more.

  4. Operation & Support Partnership & Management

    A quarterly/bi-annual business review (of traffic & pricing) and service review, analysis of escalation management, and change management.

Sms grey routes

Vox Carrier Whitepaper

Whitepaper on How to Protect A2P SMS Revenues

Download the free whitepaper that we released together with the Mobilesquared research team about how the MNOs are planning to continue fight fraud and manage grey-route A2P SMS traffic. Learn how new generation technology is helping to monetize leaking revenues and how Vox Carrier solution could help increase MNOs revenues with a modern business model for the next decade. Download the whitepaper here…


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A2P Sms Monetization

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Vox Carrier Helps MNOs with VOICE, SMS and DATA Revenue Maximization, Cost Optimization and Fraud Threats Elimination

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