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EVENTS 27/07/2020

Niraj Kumar Joins Vox Carrier as VP of Business Development

Hong Kong SAR, 24 July 2020 – Niraj Kumar joins Vox Carrier business development team as VP of Business Development, responsible for sales and development activities of Vox Carrier’s Asset Monetization and Managed Services solutions, VOX360.

With more than 20 years of experience in Telecoms and IT, Kumar started his career as a Software engineer, worked as a consultant for TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), and joined BICS in 2010. While at BICS, Niraj held various positions including Program Manager, Channel Partner Manager, and most recently as the Head of Bid Management and Capacity Trading. He has an extensive international background in business development, program and project management, partnership management, and bid management, working with MNO’s, MVNO’s and other Service Providers around the globe.

“Ready for a challenge and always working with customers and partners around the world to provide a win-win solution, and help them streamline their operations and monetise their assets, I look forward to the opportunity to bring Vox Carrier’s solutions to the market and help MNO’s and MVNO’s grow their revenue and optimise their operations in voice and messaging ecosystem”, said Niraj Kumar. “Mobile Operators around the globe recognise the need to better protect their networks and improve the way they monetise their assets. Voice & Messaging are two areas that are quite exposed to fraud and bypass, and Vox Carrier’s solutions can bring immediate results in eliminating such activities, helping Mobile Operators regain the revenues that have impacted their profitability.”

Vox Carrier enables its partners to be successful in the voice and messaging market through efficiently expanding reach, optimising operations, enhancing user experience and mitigating fraud and bypass. It serves MNOs, carriers, aggregators and enterprises worldwide, delivering an array of services including A2P messaging, service monetisation and operational outsourcing.

“We are excited to welcome Niraj to the team as we take Vox Carrier into the next chapter of its growth. His international and diverse experience is an asset for the company in its efforts to deliver value in the voice and messaging space to the operators”, said Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO of Vox Carrier. “As our business continues to grow, we remain committed to our vision for a market where MNOs, MVNO’s and service providers can simply and easily optimise, accelerate and secure their voice and messaging business.”

“I am personally delighted to have Niraj join me, once again, and help with the ambitious growth strategy at Vox Carrier. Said Nicholas Nikrouyan, CCO and Chief of Staff at Vox Carrier. “His diverse experience, market and industry knowledge, and unrelenting tenacity to succeed are extremely valuable assets for us, and I am excited to see him join the team. Having had the pleasure to work with Niraj previously, I am confident of his contribution to the success of the company’s vision to become a leading Monetization and Managed Services solutions provider to the mobile industry.”

Vox Carrier has operated for more than 15 years with points of presence (PoPs) spanning Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. It has more than 650 MNO and service partners globally with 10 regional offices.