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Dr. Schmitzer Foundation 2015

Dr. Schmitzer Foundation aims the detection, treatment and monitoring of ophthalmologic diseases in rural areas. They are helping disadvantaged people with limited access to specialized medical services through consultations, prescription glasses and realizing, offering medicines and surgical treatments. And they do it free of charge.

Their project, Oftamobil, brought the first mobile eye clinic in Romania, through which the doctors diagnose chronic ophthalmic diseases and encourage the social reintegration of persons with high risk of vision loss by recommending specific treatments and procedures. VOX CARRIER team is honoured to help their cause.

If you are interested in more details about Dr. Schmitzer Foundation, check their website.

ROBI Association 2015

In our appreciation for each gift our efforts encountered, we turn with deeper empathy towards those in need: not only humans but also animals. This year, we express our support for ROBI Association Volunteers, which efforts are directed towards improving the life of stray animals, the education of population regarding the benefits of animal neutering and the fight against abandon and cruelty on animals.

Did you know that you can virtually adopt a cat or a dog? Yes, you can. Click here and find more about ROBI Association and their programs.

Team Hope 2015

Committing our knowledge and diligence in the service of a better world, we at VOX CARRIER are deeply touched by HHC Romania’s involvement in transforming the lives of children abandoned in orphanages or at risk of being separated from their families. VOX CARRIER is strongly supporting Team Hope’s efforts in saving over 5000 children from orphanages and moving them into loving family environments, as well as preventing more than 17. 000 children from being taken away from their parents and entering the endless cycle of institutionalisation.

If you want to find more about Team Hope’s ambitious goal of taking all Romanian children out of old type institutions and giving them happy, normal family lives, all by 2020, please visit their website page.

Metropolis Charity Foundation and Aurora Day Center 2015

More than any time of the year, winter reminds us to turn towards those in need with the hope of being able to make their sorrow fade away and give them at least a small part of the blissful holidays they deserve. We are happy to offer the Metropolis Foundation and Aurora Day Center a small token of our respect for their impressive struggle in giving these children a better future!

We at VOX CARRIER would like to thank you for your solidarity in our belief in offering them hope for a better world!

Metropolis Charity Foundation 2014

VOX CARRIER believes that giving back part of our success in areas where support is required is investing in the future society.

In 2014, VOX CARRIER used again its funds and took another opportunity to offer the beautiful children from Metropolis Foundation joy and happiness for Christmas.
Many thanks to our partners for their support in VOX CARRIER’s efforts in giving Romanian children hope. Merry Christmas, with thanks for all you do!

Metropolis Charity Foundation 2013

Once again VOX CARRIER chose to donate $5000 from its Christmas budget to bring hope and happiness to more than 100 children from Metropolis Foundation.

VOX CARRIER’s business philosophy is built on a foundation of integrity, responsibility and respect for human values and culture. The strength of VOX CARRIER comes from its people and, therefore, investing now in children’s education and welfare we help preparing tomorrow’s professionals and our future society.

A special thanks to our business partners for being part of VOX CARRIER’s efforts in helping children in Romania have a happier Christmas now and a better future tomorrow!

Metropolis Charity Foundation 2012

This year, our donation to charity made many beautiful children happy that Santa has answered their wish list. We chose to help children because we believe that they represent the future of our society. We wish to address to all our business partners a special thank you for helping the Metropolis Charity Foundation and joining our charity efforts to help society.

Metropolis Charity Foundation has three main projects:

“Home”  – Children Care (residential center) – shelters and helps each day 57 children (most of them between 7 and 14 years old), providing them a home, education and careful carrying until they are ready to embrace life on their own.

“Day Center for Children and parents” – helps 150 families build a better future for their young ones, by providing school and after-school activities for children in families facing difficult situations.

“Steps to Independence” – Center for council and support for young people faced with difficult life situations. The center offers a chance for a new start, to education and professional qualification to teenagers coming from foster care, families with difficulties or who have abandoned school.

For further details about VOX CARRIER’s Christmas campaign, we invite you to visit our Facebook page. You can also find more information about Metropolis Foundation at www.fundatiametropolis.ro